-Yuri war- chapter 1

The Day The Second Devil was Born

It was raining. It was so cold that it was going to freeze my body that was already tied up.

“Like this … Do you have something like this …?!”

It was in vain vomiting and expressing such sentiments. However, even that will silence the sound of rain.

“Brave Cain. You have admirably defeated the devil. But … There has been numerous terrible deeds that have taken place in the process.

An old man dressed in a holy coat speaks with a sorrowful voice. He was one of the benefactors who gave me an ally to help me defeat the demon king’s army.

“Sorry … Cain”

“No! That’s all I did! I just hope for the peace of humanity …!

“If that is true …, there is no choice but to accept your innocence as an inevitability”

A couple of men and women were standing behind the man who said so while shaking his neck from side to side. All of them were his friends who helped in defeating the Demon King together. All of them were in front of me who fell on the execution table, all of their mouths … had distorted smiles.

I once had the strongest pride. From the moment I was born, I had various talents and dedicated my life to polishing them. As a result I was seen as a threat to humanity, monsters, and demons … in the end I had power that rivaled that of the Demon King

However, it seems like there was no depressing virtues. Even though I had received multiple medals, I could not find a friend who could save the city and fight with me. That is because I was too powerful.

People would have thought “It’s ok if I leave it to him”… however I just ended traveling alone, went from continent to continent, fought against numerous demon lords, and came home to a bloody home. It was a very lonely trip.

That’s why I created the ability [Transfer]. It is an ability to hand my talents to others.

However, many people gathered to gain such power. As the strongest in all of humanity. I believed that talent was what helped growth. Plus I didn’t need any more talents as someone who already had many talents. I thought that I could help. However, surely a evil heart would grow and would never be good.

Among all of the people I assigned my talents to four of the best. They said that they would be happy and fight together.

“Eiger … your plan is terrible.

Among them, I yelled to the man who I transferred my swordsmanship talent to. He was a mere knight. From my point of view I never needed the swordsmanship talent. However, his lust for power was strong, and he had the guts to climb the ranks and gain a number of titles.

I then thought. As if I was god

“Cain. Your [Transfer] is fine. I never had the talent with the sword. It’s come to this point. Did you see it. This is a holy sword. Please die for glory forever.

I was scolded for committing a crime that Eiger did.

“I – will Burn … Misery … Help me …”

It was miserable. I was now dark magic, unable to move, I could only cry to my former friends.

“… I’m sorry, I can feel your pent-up anger …. … and there is no more magic left.”

“After my death I will apologize in hell. But still this is for the good of humanity”

When I was young I couldn’t endure the onslaught of demons, and couldn’t protect the city. Due to my lack of knowledge, I had left the corpses of the demons to rot and create plagues that spread. I had my country’s funds to fight extensively. But during that time, I was always helped.

But. If it is truly for the sake of humanity.

Those people behind him had called me the hope of humanity. That’s why all the bad things, and the explosion of complaints never knew where to end.

“Just die! Leave us your power and off yourself! There isn’t a demon king, we need it!”

“You betrayed our trust so far! Calling you a hero will be a shame that remains in human history!”

I knew that this was serious. I would like to release my power that was considered the strongest in all of humanity in front of all of those who had defeated me without them knowing anything. However, My magic power and the power of creation had been handed to my friends.

But. All of that of the sake of humanity!

Eiger shouts while doing that. The voice that would pass through the magical power resounded widely.

“Because of the calm! Cain has done a many of evil deeds! But he was a son of man! It is true that he helped in defeating the Demon King. I admit it I will give it to him!”

And above all, the people do not know that. If I resist then my neck will be blown off with remote activated magic. That too was one way they tried to get rid of me.

Eiger’s calls boil the anger the ignorant people I don’t want another honor. Peace was not their true goal. Just ending me.

I just wanted to have a friend. What kind of end is this?

“My friends … peace …. damn it!”

I will not admit it. unacceptable. Such an end! This is too miserable!

The last talent I still have, [Transfer] lies unfolded. It has a lot of methods such as cleansing blindness.

“We will end this era of war by purifying the strongest hero in human history! And the worst sinners of the past!

The dull light of the holy blade that is trying to reap my neck swings up very far.

Well, isn’t there any time to specify the coordinates? No, anywhere is fine. There is no need for anyone’s power anymore. Anyway I need to get far from here!

What would I [Transfer]? Such things … already, I wonder if I have only my soul left?

I had seen my head disconnected from my body. I will not forget! I will never forget! This horrible humiliation. I am sorry for this. But … like this I won’t be able to do very much!

I can go anywhere. Please fly my soul! And settle … let me settle on a creature I’ve created!

With that thought on my mind, My life has come to a very miserable end.

—For the heroes I’ve helped, let me dedicate my body, and the ones I loved—

… When I realized I was in a ruin that was covered in a deep red sky, seemingly a desert what a shame. It was a huge building, and it was ruined to a point it made it impossible to distinguish between broken walls, columns and floors.

“Is this the dark continent? The demonic country?

Apparently the [Transfer] of my soul seems to have gone well. Under the present circumstances, If the body moves monster, or demon. You would need to train the body. Because I have one purpose, such is a purpose left for me…

But … My body feels strange. My point of view is dull and even the feel of the bricks is clearly different. I feel well as I am breathing and I have a neck to look around.

I almost unconsciously stood in front of a broken mirror.


There was nobody else in the shadow of the unsparing blond young man who they had lived together … in the mirror was a silver-haired brownish-skinned young girl with a eye-catching body type.

She look like she was ten years or so in comparison to human age. But there is no reason to compare her to humans as demons age very slowly. And there is a horn meant to symbolize the age of the demon.

There is a huge pair of jet black horns reminiscent of a devil cloaked in darkness. The texture seems somehow fake as I never felt something like this.

In addition I felt the quality of the magical power circulating throughout the body.

“That’s the devil’s … I should have defeated it?”

But the devil was a mature man. In the mirror was a young girl …

“I entered the body of the Devil’s daughter …?!”

“I never knew the Demon King had a daughter … but when the Devil’s Castle collapsed … did she die?

Her tone was somewhat younger. There is nothing more undignified than this. But in a weird way I was jealous.

” … I have the power of the Devil’s daughter. The power I have cultivated. The remaining [Transfer] Power.”

Certainly the state of the growing hero party is far from peace. If so it should be my responsibility to stop it.

“I don’t want to be a friend anymore. How far will I be able to go all alone … But I will try.”

No it has to be done. Fate is still going to roll me a [Transfer] that went well. Then let’s play around and show it. My second life of a Devil’s daughter. From here on out is my revenge and no one is safe.

TL Note: welcome to the first novel translation I have done if you like it I will do more however I am thinking of doing more chapters of Gekkohime.

14 thoughts on “-Yuri war- chapter 1

  1. Thanks for chapter.
    It seems interesting but I think you need editor.
    It’s not your translation from Japan to English is bad but your grammar is a bit confusing.
    Maybe you can ask people in novelupdate forum, some people may willing to help you.


  2. Lol…he transferred his talents…what did he expect? He missed the talent of eyeing people lul. I’ll pray for good yuri.

    Good luck Mr translator. /owo/


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