-Yuri War- Chapter 2

A calling voice

First of all, I went to check that the girl was dead. If this was some kind of reincarnation/hijacking a living thing, it could be a matter of suicide.

But I couldn’t find a soul that could be [Transferred]. But then still, did the Devil’s daughter die from the Devil’s Castle collapsing?

“Yeah.” I said as if a confirmation of my current situation.

However, I am not used to this voice. I’m not going to say that girls are weak, but I can’t do much.

Thinking about it I move my arms more times than I can count and then I heard a metallic noise from my arms. I quickly took a look at my arms I saw a pale dirty bracelet. But it didn’t seem like it was meant to restrain, but more like a decorative item

The name was carved in. It was ugly but in a polite way.

“Erina Village … This is my new name”

As I let my consciousness go into this body. I was very tired after all this body has high magical energy. I should have properly tried to train and test my magic. It was a lost opportunity for growth.

But going back to myself, I checked myself and saw there could be no end to my growth. I was jealous as a training otaku. It’s nice all the magical power this body has.


As a test I squeezed a stone I had grabbed and used a basic fire magic technique used by demons. There would be no danger with a magic this basic … that’s what I thought.

However, the small black flame grows larger and larger causing the stone to melt. Once I threw the fireball towards a huge rock, the ball exploded as it hit. After the explosion only small remains of the stone was left.

“I thought this was an elementary magic? Was I wrong?”

I remembered that I saw the magic back in a demon battle. However, the demon who used it was the leader of a demon continent who tried to attack humanity, <Ember> should have just been used for a fire type jab. However the demons used the magic to remodel human weapons with a immense destructive property.

And, I think the field of magic already is at an area of extensive research. The fact is that I in preparation for war researched the optimization for magic theory, but I didn’t think demons could handle such a theory.

I wonder that if this were to be released in this state it could handle the powers of the Devil.

I shudder to imagine such a sight. And at the same time I feel the goosebumps on my neck.

My purpose is to remove the troubles I’ve caused by my [Transfer]. I don’t think what I’m doing will destroy all of humanity, no matter if I am exposed.

After taking responsibility for my plan … then …

“No, if I think about it like that.”

I stopped shaking my head and started thinking. Now, I can’t stop thinking about the things I can achieve, but I shouldn’t focus on what I can achieve but about how to accomplish my goals.

“Devil’s daughter or not … I have an extraordinary resource.”

I wasn’t trying to test my magic to such an extent without thinking. Such carelessness could kill someone, and can’t be changed so easily by humans

I felt something with the big black horn on my head that a new magical energy was approaching. this was the first time I felt something like this.

When I was convinced that someone was following me by reading the threats of my horn, a woman ran from the a distance. I could see her demon eyes as they were visible. She was a woman taking care of the unmanned land as all the trees and plants were dead.

I’m surprised. She belongs to a demon sub-class called albinos. her hair was jet black and she has a small white horn that looked like a sweet. With tiny little wings that look like it wouldn’t be useful for flying.

“Mrs. Erina! Thank you very much!”

And while I had a calm breath, I kept my posture and was going to call out my name. I felt this voice somewhere in my brain.


I somehow called her name. Yes she was a young maiden who had served Erina ever since she was born, and they always joked about how their names were similar

“I have you”

I have a throbbing headache. What is with this scene. Maybe Erina’s memories still remains…?

“Erina, did you get hurt anywhere?”

“I didn’t”

The headache might be caused by using [Transfer] on my soul to another body. I am convinced that is the reason.

“More than that, Elsa you are safe too”

“Yes. you escaped with the Devil’s mercy … I am sorry that I couldn’t protect Erina-sama … I’m sorry!”

“Don’t worry, I’m alright. There is so much going on. It couldn’t be helped.”

…. My memory of being a human being and the memories of being the Devil’s daughter are becoming mixed. I quickly have to deal with this.

“Elsa I’m going to the continent where the humans live.”

“No! That’s too dangerous.”

“Now they are cheering about defeating my father.”


As I learned that it was dangerous, I showed the sign of the activation of my [Transfer] on the tip of my hand and show it to Elsa.

Elsa had a sad face as if she was bitten by her pet.

“… I already died once. It was during the collapse of the Devil’s castle. So now my spirit is just a ghost. It is not necessary so serve me.”

“Ah, I see, you see. This is a subordinate chain. This is an important chain connecting me to Erina is still …”

What Elsa brought out was a chain of restraint that human tribes use for slavery. However they aren’t tied to the neck directly. If you throw it away it becomes worthless. However it’s performance is amazing. You have to sign that you swear to be a servant until the moment when both of you die.

(…….That means Erina might still be alive……)

If this is true, I must hurry up. I need to fulfill my mission quickly and return this body.

“Discard such a thing. I don’t need anybody’s help anymore. Since father’s death”

“Mrs. Erina, I still like you! Erina’s eyes look different … they look dead.”

“Yes, I’m just a grim reaper now. I have to do something … well now, Elsa.”

I strongly kick the ground so hard that some rubble flies out. My body dances in the air as my body is very light, and I can’t fly with a single jump. However I hear a sad cracked voice in my ear.

“I will be your servant forever. Erina-sama!”

No! I don’t such a thing. I remember the face of a friend of mine who had a disgusting smile until the moment his head was cut off. I was saddened by the accusations that I was bathed in from nearly every human that I should have saved him are still stuck in my head.

I was running for a while, I then leaped to the top of a large lake. My figure is reflected in the water … indeed this form is more childish more than demonic.

However, the voice keeps ringing in my head which keeps on stopping me. I ignored it, but it kept on growing larger and larger … I began to scream very loudly

“Oh, I will go!”

These demons are too inconvenient … I am losing my mind. Do you have some kind of sensor or something?

Here is the second chapter. Thanks for reading, next chapter will come out either tomorrow or the day after

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