-Yuri War- Chapter 3

Magical weapon

There are many things I want to say right now, but let me start with the facts. There is a sword calling for me loudly, she is stuck in a rock with no way to get her out.

It was a sword. It has a dark black core with a red and black pattern.

“… Well, let’s go to the heroes”

I turn to leave. There is many things I have to do. I don’t have time for junk like this.

“Hey, hey! No way, I’m not going to let you leave like this!”

Such a voice. It was something that came from a corner of my brain. Although I know it is a man due to the sound of the voice. The voice has the intimidation of that of the demon king.

At that point I was only a bit interested so I answered in a disgusted.

“A intelligent, magical sword. What are you doing in the demon continent asleep?”

“Well if you didn’t know I’m looking for a demon who can hear my voice, and that person is you! I’ve spent thousands of years serving heroes … I wonder why I was speared near the edge of the lake. Hahahaha! This is perfect!”

“… Spear? You look like a sword to me?”

“Well if you are talking about me I take the form of any weapon. It depends on my owner’s magic. I am strong in any form I take. I am a vessel that contains magical energy that is why I can do such a thing.”

“… Muu. So that is the reason.”

There is such a thing in the world, such as holy swords and legendary armors with years of history behind them. However most stories end with either the sword or the wielder being under demonic corruption.

I was never around for such things to happen. However I did have a magical weapon that was worthy of being used to slay the Devil.

“Well, what is your name?”

“Oh my name is Tilving. I’m tired of granting the evil wishes of owners that would use them for destruction, cursing, and endless agression…”

“So it was a waste of time after all.”

He kept on talking on and on, however there is something going on at the end of the lake. Are, there seems to be a group of lower class demons around there. I spread my stance in order to check my surroundings. This is more interesting than some ugly weapon.

“Wait, Wait, wait! There isn’t anyone around who can hear me. You know what, I’ll allow you to pray for evil wishes. You can get an amazing weapon with no risks, and you don’t need to worry about the size!”

“Try to be careful about what you say”, as I turn around. I get reminded of some bad memories … From where, what’s that noise?

It is my nature as the former hero to investigate any mysterious sounds. I don’t think I can do this all by myself anymore.

“Oh … the evil dragon is awakening after the Devil’s death, and the heroes are ready they think they can handle the old dragon.”

“… What? Evil dragon?”

“Oh, yes I remember … The evil dragon had control of the demon continent and his rule was cruel. Humans would leave to go hunting and then once they came back they would be covered in the blood of their families. He was the strongest at the time and the one to defeat the dragon has the support of the gods. As the dragon kills tens of thousands of demons.”

… Unbelievable. Such a story. Or is it true? I heard that the Devil was strong. But I can’t believe that he would be able to seal such a thing.

However, while we were speaking I see a large jet-black mass coming at a tremendous speed. There is no time for me to waver.

“What happens if it leaves the continent?”

“Now … since it’s been a long time now. If it were to leave, it will burn and destroy the earth.”

“… How long will it remain here?”

“It will stay until it sinks the magical continent, then it will fly to the human continent.”

I feel cold and I am sweaty. I’m not kidding. I want a peaceful life, and I will be troubled about the actions that the dragon will preform. I go out to chase the dragon pushing away the lower class demons.

“Where are you going? Why are you doing this? You are just a demon.”

“… Just you see! Shut up and watch!”

Although I am betraying the demons, the humans will be cheated. I only want revenge on the cruel party members. The others aren’t guilty. In the first place I would feel terrible if defeating the Devil caused the seal to break.

“I will be the one to do it. This is my justice-“

As I look up at the fast flying dragon, the big black dragon approaches at last. It looks very much like a legendary dragon, with dark green eyelids closed tightly and a sharp green eye.

There is no enthusiasm with the demons just waiting there. I don’t wish harm on them.

“From what I can see … I wonder if I can become a hero for such a reason.”

As I reached them I stalled once I got close. The ground was red like the desert except with plants behind them.

“You need to leave this situation!

As soon as I speak, the demons who noticed my voice puckered their mouth.

“Oh, The demonic princess!”

“This is dangerous. Soon the dragon will arrive.”

It is. As the owner of this body was the Devil’s daughter it feels so easy to say that I had nearly forgotten about it.

“I’m listening, so who here can fight?”

“… We’re just gatekeepers … Well I don’t think we’re fighting.”

“Stay clear! I am looking for anyone who has the courage to stand against the dragon!”

I have no time. As I look back the evil dragon is opening his mouth and has a growing negative aura around it. From my intuition I sense that it is a deadly blow meant to kill the demons.

“No, No! We have been standing here for too long … We!”

“… Then stand there and be silent”

I saw the demons scurry around, put my hand on my hand, and channel magical power.

“<Barrier> Develop”

That’s all I need. Spell simplification is a mind thing. The important thing is to input maximum technique into the minimum process-!

I pushed myself to create absolute pressure release. But it’s not only sound. The sludge like liquid is falling. However I created sludge traps in the barrier as the barrier endures.

It was in time … It had changed a lot after the deployment of the barrier but it seems that the protection of a god of evil and the others were safe. It seems that it was a collision of similar magical quantity and quality …

For a moment, my thinking slips.

… The same quality? I cant think like that. A legendary dragon who the Devil himself had to seal himself, I mean I’ve defeated the Devil myself. Although this body is that of his daughter, and it is quite young.

… My defense at the moment is a technique that I have researched and developed of years. But … I can’t keep it up unless I am supplied magical energy of the same quality is supplied!


It was hard enough to blow away the self proclaimed gatekeepers to a boat. I am receiving the deadly breath of a wicked dragon that melts everything.

I felt the aggression behind the dragon’s attacks and if a drop were to touch me I would certainly die. The only thing I could do is strengthen my resistances to everything to deal with it. I have learned to deal with nearly 10,000 poisons. But … even if you combine them all, this dragon clearly has enough poisons to go over it!

my entire body get dissolved with it’s clothes on. It would be impossible to heal myself with magic. I heard a scream that drowned my senses.

“There is no time for me to feel sorry!”

But I am the strongest hero. Even if I am not right now, even if I was betrayed by the heroes there are things that can’t be changed because if they did all of my glory would be gone!

“Can’t lose … Hate it!

I am crying hard enough to create stops in my breathing. I am not saying that I am being deceived by being an idiot. The damage I took was analyzed by<Transfer>.

Nothing is quite like giving yourself an assignment. What you receive in the end can be used. Most of the poison that hits the barrier gets smoked.

But if you know the ingredients of the poison, you wouldn’t be afraid of it. Because the pressure of the poison is coming from the dragon’s mouth, I can only change the flow of the poison a little.

With the barrier shaking, I pushed all of my power into pushing the barrier towards the stupid dragon with it’s mouth open … Halfway the magic seems the disappear while I was pushing it.

“Kuh. After all this body is too weak! I can’t keep up a magic of this degree!”

As long as you keep it activated, it would create a ray that could split the clouds. However it didn’t remain, leaving only a change to this sadistic ceremony.

“Eat <Icy Prison>!”

The only thing I can do is to freeze it’s face temporarily. I have noticed that it wasn’t a foolish choice, but the magical power of the Devil’s daughter is amazing. It seems the work with all attributes of magic, so great that I was able to change from light attribute to water attribute with little effort.


I try to break the head of the evil dragon with the power of my whole body … I couldn’t even make a crack in the ice and my fist bounced.

“Oh, yeah … Please train a little more! Erina Village!”

I can’t complain to anyone. But what to do? The ice isn’t going to last forever. It will be broken soon. But I … no more, to me …

” … call on me. Lady”

Such a voice is echoing in my mind. Although it sounded like a bribe, I’ll take all the hands I can get. Well that is what I believe. If …

“Oh, My lady! Run away!?”

Noisy. Shut up and just watch while I protect you!

I jump backwards. I will cross the lake and get to where the demon sword was. I boldly grab at the sword. As I pull it the sword passes through the stone easily.

“You’re strong right?!”

“As strong as any demonic weapon.”

The sword emitted a dark smoke. the tip grew thick and long, it looked like a bottle that would be able to swing and cut.

“Hm, I’m surprised. I take such a form. Ha Ha. It’s nice to have been picked up by such a good user. But don’t forget, in this moment it’s destruction will lead to ruin.”

Ruin? What ruin? I felt such a question rise up to my lips.

“That’s it … I finally saw it!”

I take a stance to respond, then I dive into the lake. but something was different. My speed now was incomparable to what it was before. It wasn’t just a step it was a leap in power now. My body Quickly orbiting the lake while watching the dragon. After I gained enough speed I leaped into the bosom of the evil dragon in the blink of an eye.

“Prepare. It’s now my turn-“

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      1. Understandable this is my first wordpress blog so I’m still learning the ins and outs of the website plus I’m using the free template so I can’t alter the css. Thanks for the read.


  1. Hmmm… She’s fine with the dragon destroying her own race but gets worried when considering it might go to human continent – a race that betrayed and actually executed her? Ok. It’s never nice to have your intelligence insulted by the author but ok.


    1. I’m not sure. It’s in the chapter “I only want revenge on the cruel party members. The others aren’t guilty. In the first place I would feel terrible if defeating the Devil caused the seal to break.” She only wants revenge on the hero party, and during most of the chapter she’s protecting the demons and gets them away from the dragon. Thanks for the read


      1. Oh I get that part, and thanks for the chapter. I’ll clarify my point.

        As the dragon kills tens of thousands of demons.”

        … Unbelievable. Such a story. Or is it true? I heard that the Devil was strong. But I can’t believe that he would be able to seal such a thing.

        However, while we were speaking I see a large jet-black mass coming at a tremendous speed. There is no time for me to waver.

        “What happens if it leaves the continent?”

        From that it appears that she doesn’t really care about tens of thousands of demons dying but when it’s the humans being threatened she’s suddenly suicidally heroic? Seems to me like the author treats their audience as idiots who would be offended if the MC didn’t always work in the best interest of humans and can’t comprehend objective thought.

        I’m not saying the story is bad though, there plenty of great stories that start off far worse than this. Plus, the MC’s character being so illogical just means there’s more room for character development throughout the story so there’s that to look forward to as well.


  2. For a demon weapon so powerful to have been nailed to the edge of a lake and abandoned for millennia. I wonder what kind of curses he released when he was free.
    Thanks for the chapter


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