-Yuri War- chapter 4

Wanted words

On the stomach of the evil dragon, I stabbed at a speed that surprised me. It would likely be buried in the dragon if I wasn’t strong enough to take it out, so I see that it’s skin is so tough damage from a gauntlet, or axe would just be blocked.

I unexpectedly want to complain about the unrealistic hardness of the dragon.

“What can harm it?”

“Oh, it’s an honor to take a shot at the wicked dragon. Well you could call this stupid, rather you will look astonished. But you’ve found a soft spot”

During my time as a hero I have become very observative after battling for many years. I have dealt with dragon-like demons, but I never had experience actually fighting dragons. Besides this dragon seems to not be very bright at all.

“Such a pig-headed demon … The Devil’s army was easy, even Ouroboros was weaker than this dragon!”

The demon kings were different than the dragon..They fought hard and made strategies leading to me finding some help form other heroes. And I had to do try my best to defeat such powerful foes

I’m still in my growth period. I’m not ready and this is a bad time to have such a thought.

“I’ll do what I can!”

I can see a bright ray of light shine before me, the dragon moves as if something was pulling it. It was a rare sight in a battle of powerful opponent. Observing how their muscles moved, the characteristics of their skin, their way of movement … it was as fast as a flash if I’d ever seen one .

I secretly had found a way to victory

“….<Soundless death line>”

Let’s trace it now. The dragon’s body moves like it has been ingrained for many years, as the dragon’s neck stretches out. The magic begins to shake as it cuts off the dragon’s flesh.

It seems upset by the sudden offensive attack. No I have to keep up but the dragon is speeding up.

The dragon is reaching it’s end. Such a feeling is pleasant. When you can move as you want, after hitting a great strike on an enemy.

I had forgotten this feeling … This is the joy of victory.

“… What do you do now?”

The voice of Tilving rings in my head. However I saw a place to strike the dragon, and swung the mighty blade like an axe cutting down the dragon.

The sound was tremendous the ground was shaking and in the center of the land was the dragon lying dead.

“… I was prepared to die. My energy is almost dead.”

A sense of fatigue spread throughout my body. I had overworked my self healing magic and no matter how strong I was. Erina’s body would be in no shape to take down such a dragon.

“Are …. You .. Alright now?…”

I had called out to the demons who had been blown away by the dragon. But … no reply. No, I was speaking to someone.

The corpse of the legendary dragon is creating a lake of blood. This body was too young … yet my hands were covered in blood while I was holding a a bloody sword. The wounds I received from the dragon’s breath were slowly recovering. A mix of dragon’s blood and mine were mixed onto my face … Yet a smile and a tear both graced my cheeks.

I see. I gently cover my mouth with my hands, falling short of the mark. But it was be already too late.

” So I am this …”

I can’t bear this feeling and I feel a pang in my heart, and I want to leave this place … But I saw someone standing there. I don’t want to raise my face. but I couldn’t ignore it

“Miss Erina …”

I haven’t felt such magical energy since I had entered this body. I had only understood certain magical waves that I had felt. One was Erina’s faithfulness to … Elsa who was there.

I treated her so coldly. I left her for a while. I had even scolded her and she still came after me.

Well, that’s fine. If she is obedient she can help as much as possible. Above all else I don’t want to do anything … now.

“… Elsa. I’ll process the body. There must be so many toxins in this evil dragon that if left alone who knows what will happen.”

“Miss Erina…!”

She was holding a small body. My body was so dirty. My thoughts were put into an unexpected softness, and were tossed aside. However, I instantly raised my voice.

“Please stop. There is a possibility …”

“This is nothing compared to miss Erina’s heartache!”

Elsa holds my body tighter even though her clothes and skin are starting to melt.

“I understood that you’ve became anxious after the Devil died. I had experienced a sadness so much that I had died, but … but I’m sorry! Let’s face this together … Please don’t kill yourself … !”

‘Hmmm … …. Am you going to die?”

Elsa was unexpectedly big. Her feelings were a little to strong for me, who had a tough time with women before and after, because she had no such virtues.

“No! I will never let go again! I might no be able to keep up with you Erina-sama … but I felt sadness being left alone … So, why not ,am … what. Don’t look sad!

These words were meant for Erina, not for me yet there was something that echoed in my mind,

The faces of the people who were in awe of me defeating demons were got me bored over time. I was tired of a weak enemy trying to desperately attack and yet I never understood why.

The daughter of the Devil, Erina was loved, and was asked to swear allegiance. I never felt such a thing … because of that my eyes grew warm.

“I am … alone … stronger than anyone … yes, I must … …”

“Nobody will leave you alone anymore! At least I will follow you! I have already decided that fact!”.

Oh I understand once the demon king died she had ran out and from what I learned from Elsa that I was looking for something all by myself.

But in this battle, I had only by chance I had spotted the weakness. If I was just a little less lucky I would very much be dead. That power is similar to the hero party that I had given my abilities to.

Certainty if I am to do this right away there is no room to be reckless. In that sense Elsa’s words were right

“I’m … I’m not going to fight. I’m not, I’m not”

“Every warrior should rest. And I will be yours. Erina Let me be the one who supports your future.”

Sorry, I’m sorry you shouldn’t be telling me this. I’m just a selfish man who took over this body. I’m sorry.

“… I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

“It’s alright. you are very strong … The Devil will be very proud of you to defeat such a big dragon.”

“Sure I was a hero’ If you think about it the words nearly felt like nothing to me. Despite the meaning she put into these words they were meant for someone else. However I feel a bit pleased

It was weird. I wanted to be a friend, or maybe I wanted to be complimented. I wonder why I felt like that.

–It’s alright

At that time I felt the back of my eyes, like Erina was looking in a mirror standing in the dark. My eyes should be closed yet I feel a heat behind them.

–That’s because I had raised Erina’s body, I now want to cry

…. I finally understood. This [Transfer] is such a mess, I couldn’t possibly have gone far by myself. Sure it would seem nice to settle down near a cool tree.and rest.

But there isn’t much I wanted to do now. I feel like I can only cry. It doesn’t seem shameful to do such a thing anymore.

No one will leave me alone. My heart is strongly affected by those words. Being alone is something I truly despise.

After all that, Elsa put my head on her lap and brushed it until I went to sleep. I felt a similar touch long ago … but I couldn’t remember it.

I am very sorry about such a late upload, for the last couple of chapters I was using my school laptop but now I have to turn it in so I was translating the rest of the chapter on an xbox one so uploads will take some more time but I will not be dropping this series

7 thoughts on “-Yuri War- chapter 4

    1. Yeah there was a mix of this chapter being really hard to translate, some personal matters, and learning how to use wordpress on an xbox one but chapter 5 will be out by next week


      1. Welcome back nonetheless, looking forward to reading more of the series. Good luck and godspeed.


  1. From what I understand, he is another example of personage who has become lonely, feared and envied for being too strong, just like Accelerator…

    Thank you for continuing translating even under these conditions.


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